#blogjune – Hugo – The Man of a Thousand Faces


Is there a more beautiful thing than this 1970’s toy? He comes with all sots of disguises – glasses, various beards and wigs and he’s totally, rather wondefully, creepy. I found my Hugo in a charity shop, no box unfortunately, there’s a good complement of disguises (alas not the goatee/hairpiece, sideburns, eyebrows/moustaches, eye patch, bloodied bandage – nor the original would-now-be-dried-up glue). But despite the array of facial add-ons I do have (mask, noses, chins, eyes, fangs, wig and glasses) I usually like his au (super) naturel look the best.

Here’s a short video someone made about him.



About Wayne Davidson

Pleasant Gentleman - Melbourne Australia. Twitter https://twitter.com/WaltPanorama
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2 Responses to #blogjune – Hugo – The Man of a Thousand Faces

  1. Steven says:

    I remember this! And I remember being kind of creeped out by it, too.

  2. Wayne Davidson says:

    He is wonderfully creepy. I just found Hugo facebook group – one member has 8 of them!

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