#blogjune – Graveyard Shift


Friday night seems the appropriate time to post this. Anyone remeber Arena’s Graveyard Shift from 1990s? The sublime Tabitha would host a horror/sci-fi/trash movie every Friday night from her chaise lounge. I lived in the country as a kid and never got to see hosted horror films, so this was a dream come true for me. Arena (on Foxtel, which I should add, was a very differently styled channel back then, I previously posted about it on the blog here) did a great job of updating the genre whilst keeping the humour and fun. Tabitha was a movie fan and it showed in her her scripts and the irreverent verve with which she presented the films each week. You can watch some of her hosting on Youtube, such as this Ed Wood night one.

Anyway, what brought me here was the candle premium at the start. I worked for Foxtel at the time and got to go to a Graveyard Shift launch event where these were given away to attendees. Thankfully I could never bring myself to light it, so it remains intact (possibly the only one?).


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