#blogjune – Twilight Zone Action Figures


More creepy dolls, why not? The Twilight Zone is my favourite television show of all time and these chaps are from the episodes ‘The Masks’ (jimmy -jams skull) and ‘The Howling Man’ (handsome devil). Produced by the Biff, Bang Pow company a few years ago they are quite super little things. The episodes they emerge from are both uncharacteristically gothic in style, The Masks, set in the New Orleans Mardi Gras, is about a putrid and greedy family, and The Howling Man takes place in a remote Abbey where a prisoner is guarded by monks.

They’re spooky-ish, but I also have a much more scary Talky Tina statuette from ‘Living Doll’ – and she’s not sure if she likes you very much.


About Wayne Davidson

Pleasant Gentleman - Melbourne Australia. Twitter https://twitter.com/WaltPanorama
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