#blogjune – Mark Ryden’s Blood

IMG_20160626_165444 IMG_20160626_165332

If I was in a court case to argue why physical media is better than downloads I would confidently present this item, smile and wave to the stunned crowd and exit in a puff of smoke. This is Stan Ridgway and Pietra Wexstun’s Blood – a soundtrack commissioned for artist Mark Ryden’s ‘The Blood Show’, and what a treasure it is. Mr Ryden’s paintings adorn the fold-out sleeve and the music is an appropriately magical experience that will surprise anyone only familiar with Stan Ridgway from his days fronting Wall of Voodoo.

Enjoy. *Walt vanishies in giant puff of smoke*


About Wayne Davidson

Pleasant Gentleman - Melbourne Australia. Twitter https://twitter.com/WaltPanorama
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