#blogjune – Twilight Zone Action Figures


More creepy dolls, why not? The Twilight Zone is my favourite television show of all time and these chaps are from the episodes ‘The Masks’ (jimmy -jams skull) and ‘The Howling Man’ (handsome devil). Produced by the Biff, Bang Pow company a few years ago they are quite super little things. The episodes they emerge from are both uncharacteristically gothic in style, The Masks, set in the New Orleans Mardi Gras, is about a putrid and greedy family, and The Howling Man takes place in a remote Abbey where a prisoner is guarded by monks.

They’re spooky-ish, but I also have a much more scary Talky Tina statuette from ‘Living Doll’ – and she’s not sure if she likes you very much.

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#blogjune – Graveyard Shift


Friday night seems the appropriate time to post this. Anyone remeber Arena’s Graveyard Shift from 1990s? The sublime Tabitha would host a horror/sci-fi/trash movie every Friday night from her chaise lounge. I lived in the country as a kid and never got to see hosted horror films, so this was a dream come true for me. Arena (on Foxtel, which I should add, was a very differently styled channel back then, I previously posted about it on the blog here) did a great job of updating the genre whilst keeping the humour and fun. Tabitha was a movie fan and it showed in her her scripts and the irreverent verve with which she presented the films each week. You can watch some of her hosting on Youtube, such as this Ed Wood night one.

Anyway, what brought me here was the candle premium at the start. I worked for Foxtel at the time and got to go to a Graveyard Shift launch event where these were given away to attendees. Thankfully I could never bring myself to light it, so it remains intact (possibly the only one?).

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#blogjune – Hugo – The Man of a Thousand Faces


Is there a more beautiful thing than this 1970’s toy? He comes with all sots of disguises – glasses, various beards and wigs and he’s totally, rather wondefully, creepy. I found my Hugo in a charity shop, no box unfortunately, there’s a good complement of disguises (alas not the goatee/hairpiece, sideburns, eyebrows/moustaches, eye patch, bloodied bandage – nor the original would-now-be-dried-up glue). But despite the array of facial add-ons I do have (mask, noses, chins, eyes, fangs, wig and glasses) I usually like his au (super) naturel look the best.

Here’s a short video someone made about him.


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#blogjune – Strange Cocktail Guy


Answers on a postcard about this chap. He has cocktail forks coming out of his hat and a bottle opener that hangs off his nose. Must have been a fabulous party.

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#blogjune – P5 and Me, sort of


In the middle is Pizzicato Five’s Readymade TV Volume three flanked by pictures of me in the same location – at the Kaminarimon (雷門, “Thunder Gate”) in Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan. When I release my video compilation I can use them as the sleeve art.

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#blogjune – WE’RE ALL DEVO!


Lots of fun this one – a rubber stamp that says “WE’RE ALL DEVO!” in a voice bubble that can be used wherever you please. It works particularly well in unlikely scenarios like the above birdie card, instantly turning any image into fun DEVO art.

I got it from DEV-O OBSESS-O a few years ago – they’re out of stock currently but they’ve returned once already so you Spuds might like to keep an eye on it if you’re interested. They also sell lots of other great DEVO stuff.

I’ve also recently started a Pinterest board for art made with the stamp.

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#blogjune – Sooty Books

IMG_20160611_181731 IMG_20160611_181831

This is most, maybe all, of the Sooty books I’ve collected over the years. Above are the smaller ones and below the larger annuals. Alas I only had one of these as a child (the Fifth Annual down below) – and that isn’t my actual copy but one I got in an Ebay deal. I do have my original, somewhat scribbled on, version saved though.

IMG_20160611_181910 IMG_20160611_182007 IMG_20160611_182134 IMG_20160611_182218


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